Opening September 2026

Whole Human Education

Hawthorn Small School is not open. It is expected that we will open as a school in September 2026.

Whole human approach

At the Hawthorn Small School we recognise that in order to be able to learn and be happy a child’s physical and psychological needs must be met.  In order to do this we utilise a comprehensive neuropsychological exploration of a child’s needs, behaviour and motivation. There are five main elements to human regulation that the brain seeks to regulate; physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional and psychological.

Physical human needs

Physical regulation involves keeping all your relevant body systems in a relative state of homeostasis or balance. In school, keeping children hydrated, physically comfortable, keeping in mind their nutrition and digestion needs.

Sensory human needs

Sensory regulation involves balancing all 8 recognised senses to ensure someone is appropriately stimulated and aware, but not overwhelmed. At school we manage each individual’s sensory environment at much as possible to ensure balance, and provide opportunities for anyone with additional sensory needs to meet those, with soothing and stimulation tools.

Cognitive human needs

Cognitive regulation involves balancing our use of our thinking processes to ensure we can make clear and considered analysis, perception and understanding.

Emotional human needs

Emotional regulation is a need for you to be able to experience emotions, and respond appropriately to them, without you becoming overwhelmed by them.

Psychological human needs

Psychological regulation is a need to balance our natural drivers of behaviour, ensuring we consider our own personal profile of needs. A human’s psychological needs include; protection, predictability, connection, recognition, novelty and autonomy.


Protection need is a psychological need to able to protect yourself, have others to protect you, and to have capability to protect others.


Predictability need is a psychological need to know what to expect, to feel ready, and to have a rhythm and suitable pace to your life.


The connection need is a psychological need to have meaningful relationships with other humans, both individually and in community, and with our environment and activities.


Recognition need is a psychological need to be accepted and appreciated, to feel capable and useful, and to have a role in your community that is valued.


A psychological need for exploration, personal development, pursuit of interest, new and varied experiences and excitement.


The autonomy need is a psychological need for personal freedom, agency in your own personal values, and to be self-directed.

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