Opening September 2026

Human environment

Hawthorn Small School is not open. It is expected that we will open as a school in September 2026.

Human Scale Education

Human scale education is education designed around the person, at a scale which allows for the full flourishing of the individual as well as their relationships with their community and environment.

We believe that education should be human scale, not industrial scale.

Human scale education is:

Personalised learning for individuals within a curriculum that is co-constructed and holistic 

  • Inquiry-based and experiential 
  • Assessment for Learning approaches of dialogue, negotiation and peer review which develops forms of Authentic Assessment such as portfolio, exhibition and performance
  • Student voice involving students in the learning arrangements and organisation of the school
  • The development of meaningful relationships between adults and students based on real knowledge of individuals and families
  • Genuine partnership with parents and the community. 

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If you are considering Hawthorn Small School please get in contact with us so that we can chat about your families’ needs and what we offer.

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