Opening September 2026

The school day

Monday to Thursday timetable

The school day at Hawthorn Small School looks a bit different than many other schools because it is focused on nurturing wellbeing for optimum individual growth.

SYLO time
Learning session 1
Learning session 2
Learning session 3
Learning session 4
Learning session 5
SYLO time

How we structure the day


In line with our values, we consider carefully how the day is structured to ensure the whole human is considered to optimise learning balanced with human needs. Neuropsychology tells us that learning occurs when the whole human is well regulated. Learning must be balanced with cognitive rest, emotional outlets, sensory and physical variation.

Furthermore, research shows that young people can usually concentrate for approximately 40 minutes without redirection and so we keep learning sessions to 45 minutes. The extra 5 minutes offers a buffer for getting started and finishing.

SYLO time

We know that transitions can be tricky for students. Sort Your Life Out (SYLO) time provides a buffer at either end of the day where all students are supported to transition in and out of the school. This time is led by their learning facilitators in secondary classes, and additionally by their teachers in primary and flexi classes. In the morning this provides ample settling-in time, opportunities for pastoral care and human needs nurturing, as well as any educational smoothing that an individual student might need.

At the end of the day students have 15 minutes to raise any concerns with their team, gather their things, and prepare themselves for the transition to home. We see this as an essential part of supporting human needs in the school, offering predictability, connection and opportunities for recognition and protection as those needs arise.

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