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Human environment

Therapeutic pastoral support

At Hawthorn Small School, we know the whole human is important and therefore we take support that is not directly related to education seriously. This is why we not only have our Deputy Headteacher (and co-director) leading specifically on this, but also a dedicated member of the team whose role it is to provide therapeutic pastoral support across the school.

Therapeutic pastoral supporter

The therapeutic pastoral support plays a vital role in providing emotional and social support to students within the school community. This position focuses on addressing the diverse needs of students and supporting their overall well-being and academic success. They collaborate closely with students, parents, teachers, and other professionals to create a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters personal growth and resilience, ensuring a holistic approach to student care.  Where appropriate they offer guidance and resources to parents on understanding and supporting their child’s emotional wellbeing.

They offer empathetic support to students who may be experiencing emotional difficulties, stress, or personal challenges. Furthermore, they build trusting relationships and provide a safe space for students to express their thoughts and emotions. They create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where students can learn from each other and develop essential life skills.

Therapeutic Pastoral support

The therapeutic pastoral support also contributes to the development and implementation of school-wide initiatives that promote a positive school climate and support students’ mental health. This may include organising well-being campaigns, delivering workshops for staff, and integrating well-being activities into the curriculum and in SYLO time.

We recognise the importance of providing holistic support to students, and our therapeutic pastoral support plays a critical role in ensuring their emotional well-being and personal growth. Through compassionate guidance and evidence-based interventions, we strive to create a nurturing environment where every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

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