Opening September 2026

A day at the pod

Our predictable framework for the day

9:359:45Arrive and settleDrop off students and chat to us as needed
9:4510:00SYLO timeSort Your Life Out time for students to be supported in transitioning into the pod.
10:0010:15Opening meetingA consent-based meeting to connect and plan the day.
10:1511:30Open learningSelf-directed and facilitated learning as per plans for the day using our resources, including us.
11:3011:45Check-inAs students are free to meet their needs at all times, we don't need break time but we do stop to check in.
11:4513:00Open learningSee above
13:0014:00LunchMaking and eating food together
14:0015:00Open learningSee above
15:0015:15Closing meetingA consent-based meeting to check in and set intention for next session.
15:1515:30SYLO timeSort Your Life Out time for students to be supported in transitioning out of the pod.


Students must bring their own food for the day and can eat and drink whenever they need to. There is a kitchen equipped with a fridge, kettle, toaster and microwave available to students. Facilitators will assist students where needed.

Learning sessions


Our learning sessions revolves around the student’s enthusiasm, much of this time will be based around project based learning or areas of specific interest to individuals or groups, identified in the meetings The key here is that the teacher and learning facilitator work alongside the students to support their learning rather than dictating exactly what it is that they must learn. We allocate facilitators based on the plan so that we can be as useful to learning as possible.


On offer, as part of the resources, are facilitator-led activities and sessions. Students can take part in these or use other resources as they see fit. As facilitators we will always aim to offer activities that we know will be beneficial to the students we have, and we will make sure they look (and are) exciting and desirable.

SYLO time

We know that transitions can be tricky for students. Sort Your Life Out (SYLO) time provides a buffer at either end of the day where all students are supported to transition in and out of the pod. In the morning this provides ample settling-in time, opportunities for pastoral care and human needs nurturing, as well as any educational smoothing that an individual student might need. Students come in and settle, having time to re-connect with their friends and us, read a book, play a quick game etc.. 

At the end of the day students have 15 minutes to raise any concerns with their team, gather their things, and prepare themselves for the transition to home. We see this as an essential part of supporting human needs in the pod, offering predictability, connection and opportunities for recognition and protection as those needs arise.

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