Opening September 2026

Primary classes

Our two primary classrooms and resources are thoughtfully designed to stimulate children’s curiosity, provoking meaningful questions and fostering a sense of wonder. We continuously observe, assess, adapt, and plan our activities to ensure that learning and play is whole-human and child-centred, offering opportunities for growth and exploration.

We cultivate a warm and inclusive environment where we work and play together facilitating  staff and children to engage in social conversations, nurturing effective communication, language development, and interpersonal skills, while promoting social etiquette and mutual understanding.

The primary classes are mixed aged enabling children to collaborate with and learn from their friends regardless of their age.  Each classroom is organised and supported by a learning team made up of a full time teacher and full time learning facilitator.  This ensures that children have consistent and trusted adults who know their strengths and areas for development.

Foundation class

The foundations class is a play based, child centred introduction to the learning community for children aged 5 to 7. The classroom provides a safe and inclusive space where children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, celebrating their unique strengths and interests and using these as a springboard for their learning.

Upper primary class

The upper primary class facilitates the learning of children aged 8 to 10.  The focus is on creating a nurturing and engaging environment that promotes the holistic development of each child.  The classroom is arranged to cater to the diverse needs, interests and learning styles of the children who make up the class. 


At the heart of both classrooms, you’ll find flexible seating arrangements that allow students to choose from a variety of seating options such as bean bags, cushions, and adjustable chairs. This flexibility promotes comfort and collaboration, enabling students to work in pairs or small groups when engaging in collaborative projects or discussions.

The classroom walls serve as an extension of the students’ learning experiences, showcasing a variety of learning aids, charts, and visual displays that support their understanding of different subjects. These displays are created collaboratively, reflecting the collective efforts of the students and the teaching team.


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