Opening September 2026

Transition class

In our transition class, we foster an environment where students are empowered to think independently and cultivate a genuine curiosity about the world around them. Where their innate inquisitiveness is valued and their thirst for knowledge is developed.

The well-being of every student in the transition class is of utmost importance to our dedicated team of learning facilitators and teachers. We are committed to providing unwavering support and care, ensuring that a helping hand is always within reach. Our transition team places a strong emphasis on ensuring students feel safe and accepted. Through our small class size and inclusive atmosphere, we take the time to truly know and understand each child. By establishing a nurturing framework built on respect and individual understanding, we empower our transition students to cultivate compassion, emotional resilience, and a strong sense of belonging within our positive and close-knit community.  

The presence of a full time learning facilitator ensures that students have a consistent, trusted adult within the class who is able to act both as their supporter and advocate should they require support to express their needs.

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