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We understand that clothing helps us to feel comfortable and protected, and helps us show up as our authentic selves. We wear clothes to meet many physical, sensory and psychological needs. Our whole-human approach to clothing at Hawthorn Small School is informed by our values:


All individuals have ultimate choice and responsibility over what they wear to school.


We recommend considering a need for balance and to regulate physically and sensorially when choosing clothes to wear to school. We might bear in mind balancing our choices with the environment in which we will be, the activities we will be doing, and with the needs and feelings of others. 


The school will provide an environment where everyone feels safe to courageously express themselves.


All types of dress from all types of cultures, identities and personality types are celebrated here.


People are able to explore their identity and style safely here.


We encourage people to consider what clothing will facilitate their activities at school most effectively and safely.


People grow and learn best when they are regulated as a whole human. Ensure your clothing meets your needs so you can make room for personal growth.

T-shirts and hoodies

We will be offering super comfortable and soft t-shirts and hoodies in a variety of colours with the school logo on. These are completely optional and will be available to buy on a pre-order basis each term. They will be an excellent option for members of the school who need the safety and predictability of “school clothes”, whilst offering choice and agency over colour. Again, these are not a requirement at any time, just something that might be nice to have for some.

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If you are considering Hawthorn Small School please get in contact with us so that we can chat about your families’ needs and what we offer.

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