Opening September 2026

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Hawthorn Small School offers places for students directly through the local authority, funded through their EHCP. 

We also offer places to students who need us but do not have an EHCP or even a diagnosis. This is ideal for students who have struggled at mainstream school.  These places are part-funded by their parents and part-funded (50%) by our bursary scheme. The amounts stated below are the 50% parent contribution.

Please enquire with us if you feel your child would benefit from a place at our school. Places are offered for those who need us.

Places in the Hawthorn Education and Learning Pod (HELPod) are usually parent funded due to them being a supplementation to home education. However home-education students with an EHCP through the local authority may be able to access The Pod via EHCP funding rather than parent paid fees. Please contact us if this is the case for you and we will see how we can help.


3-7 years
£ 750 Monthly
  • £3,000 termly
  • £9,000 Annually
  • Non-EHCP Parent funded


7-11 years
£ 1,000 Monthly
  • £4,000 termly
  • £12,000 Annually
  • Non EHCP- Parent funded


11-19 years
£ 1,250 Monthly
  • £5,000 termly
  • £15,000 Annually
  • Non EHCP- Parent funded
We welcome Local Authority applications for students with an EHCP in primary and secondary classes (fees are different from the above for the students and are available on request) .
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If you are considering Hawthorn Small School please get in contact with us so that we can chat about your families’ needs and what we offer.

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