Opening September 2026

ALT Education

Autonomous Learning Time

Automous Learning Time (ALT) is an essential aspect of the Hawthorn Small School curriculum. From a  human needs perspective and taking inspiration from innovators in society, such as google, we preserve 20% of learning time as student-directed. Each Friday, the whole school engage in learning that is rooted in personal agency.

During this time it is the whole school team’s responsibility to model service, contribution, collaboration, skills and facilitation to students. We use our knowledge and skills as educators to build and encourage their independence from a safe base.

Autonomous Learning Time timetable (every Friday)

9:30-9:45        SYLO time

9:45-10:15       Opening meeting

10:15-10:45      Planning and organisation/activity

10:45-11:30      Activity/project time

11:30-12:00      Break

12:00-13:30      Activity/project time

13:30-14:30      Lunch

14:30-15:00      Activity/project/wrapping up

15:00-15:15      Closing meeting

15:15-15:30       SYLO time
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