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Personalised learning paths

All learning is personal. For learning to occur, there needs to be a connection, interaction or context identified.  What works for one student does not necessarily work for every student.

The job of the Hawthorn Small School is to make these connections predictable, which can only happen if we have a rich understanding of the student, what motivates, where interest lies, what is ready to be learned, and what connections will likely be made and stick. It also requires that we include the student as a key contributor to their learning.

Student profiles are co-created by staff and students and consist of rich, current information regarding each student. They typically include learning history and existing support, academic skills and needs, learning habits and tools and student aspirations and motivation.

Customised learning paths allow students to co-design their learning with teachers and learning facilitators.  This enables them to take ownership of their learning, find greater meaning and purpose and become increasingly independent in their learning skills.

The process of co-creating learning paths helps students develop key life skills. The discipline and organisation that students employ in planning provide them with the skills to be able to achieve and succeed as independently motivated individuals long after they have left the school.

Skills-based progress  Learning progress does not have to follow a single path: where practical, students are given choices regarding the sequence of learning, content and skills to learn, methods and resources to use, and even how to document and assess learning. Regardless of the approach students take, learning is challenging and compelling, and prepares students both for future learning and for later success in academic, professional, and personal life. 

Students progress in their learning based on their growing mastery of skills, not their seat time.

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