Opening September 2026

Assessment and evaluation

When students have opportunities to share their perspectives, participate in making decisions, set goals, and take ownership of their progress, their commitment to and confidence in learning grows. Assessment is formative and is designed to allow learners to demonstrate proficiency when they are ready. Learning progress is documented and shared between the student and the teaching team and serves as a natural guide in the learning process. 

At the Hawthorn Small School we recognise the power of high quality, in class formative assessment and feedback.  Based on the framework of current learning this is descriptive, objective, specific, and connected to learning goals.  For this reason teachers and learning facilitators in class feedback in real time, this lets students know what progress has been made and what next steps are appropriate. 

In the Middle Years Programme certificate class students will have progressively more opportunities to experience end of unit assessments to ensure familiarity with the International Baccalaureate end of programme assessments.

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